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How will the lots be serviced?
Lots in Phase I and II will be serviced with Power, Natural Gas, Telephone, Water and Sewer.
Lots in Phase III will be serviced with Power, Water, Sewer and Telephone.
Water and Sewer System: Cottage owner will be required to install a Septic Tank. Once the mainlines are installed the septic tank will have a pump that will push the sewer into the mainline. Kadon Industries has installed all water and sewer mains throughout the development, and service lines to the property line of all lots in Lauman's Landing. The water treatment was completed in 2012 and is fully operational. Connection to the sewage disposal facility will not be complete until the local utility board completes the transmission line from Lauman's Landing, until then lot owners will be expected to make their own arrangements for disposal of sewage.

How big are the lots?
The Deeded Cottage Lots in blocks 1-4 and 6-8 range from 8,800 sq. ft. to 14,000 sq. ft. There are 26 lots in block 5 that average 20,000 sq. ft. (nearly a ½ acre at 100’ wide x 200’ deep). The Deeded RV Lots range in average at over 6,000 sq. ft. and most are the same size as an average city house lot at 50’ wide x 125’ deep.


Is there a Beach in front of the property?
“On the north side of the development there is a large natural beach very sandy beach that has been Buoyed off for family safety and fun”.

Do the lots have trees on them?
The development is a mix of field and well treed areas (mainly Spruce and Poplar). Lots vary by location however the majority are well treed. The majority of the Deeded RV Lots in Phase 3 are in a gently rolling meadow. A large number of these lots are heavily treed with some backing onto a beautiful ravine.

What are the local Amenities & Description of the lake?
Please refer to Amenities page.

Is there a Boat Launch?

  • Kadon Industries has completed a new public boat launch which includes:
  • a dock for loading and unloading
  • washroom facilities
  • a modern fish cleaning facility
  • a marina which is privately owned by participating Laumanss Landing lot owners.

When will the lots be ready?
All lots have been completed and are ready for immediate possession.

How do we buy a lot?
The first thing is to decide which lot you would like. Then arrange a meeting with a Kadon Representative where an Offer to Purchase will be signed between Kadon Industries and the Buyer. The Offer to Purchase along with a $5,000.00 deposit will be forwarded to our Legal Firm (Francis & Company). They will process the Offer to Purchase with the final payment due in approximate 30 days upon closing and title transfer.

How long do buyers have before needing to build on the property?
All properties in Phase I & II can have a an RV parked on them until 2025 at which time the owner will need to either have built a permanent house or cottage, or remove the RV keeping the lot in its natural state. There is no time limit to build.

Are there building restrictions?
Yes there are building restrictions. Please refer to the Building Restriction section of our website. The buyer must also read the Regulations put on the property by the RM of Beaver River.

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